First course
  • Pici pasta with tomato and garlic
  • Pici pasta with pecorino cheese and pepper or meat souce
  • Maltagliati pasta buckwheat with porcini mushrooms and truffle
  • First of the day
  • Tortelli stuffed with ricotta and truffle cream mascarpone cheese, pinenuts and flakes of truffle
  • Penne pasta with meat souce
  • Spaghetti with egg and bacon



Side dishes
  • Mixed salad

  • Jacket potatoes stuffed with green sweet cheese

  • Red onion baked

  • Grilled vegetables

  • French fries

  • Tomato with thyme in the baked







Second course
  • Grilled fillet steak
  • Grilled fillet tied with Cinta Senese lard

  • Green pepper fillet in the pan, or the Chianti or Voronoff(with mustard and vodka) or Truffle

  • Wild boar with olives

  • Florentine beef-steak

  • Sliced grilled veal chop or with arugula and parmesan or rosemary

  • Grilled veal chop




  • Tagliere dei Sapori

  • Buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomato cubes and melted pecorino cheese

  • Ham and melon

  • Mozzarella cheese and tomato

  • Pears with cream of pecorino, honey and nuts

  • Mixed cold meats, croutons and toasted bread